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Hudson Boat Works in London, Ontario is a manufacturer of top-quality racing shells. Built with extreme care in carbon and nomex they are used by both community clubs and Olympic rowers. I am honoured to be helping them develop new shells with gains in speed and efficiency both during construction and on the water.

 Canadian Canoes - Wooden Recreational Shell 22' 4"



The Dragonfly Rowing Shell was developed in response to a request from a Canadian Canoes customer. It fits that line between hard-to-master racing shell and much-too-sedate recreational shell. It is fun to row, but a challenge to build. Construction is woodstrip cedar with fiberglass outside and in. The wing rigger is also laminated wood.

Bear Mountain - Rice Lake 13' 9"



This is our version of the little skiff built by the Rice Lake Boat Works during the era of transition from rower to outboard motor. The note from the Bear Mountain catalogue says, ” Sure to be a useful boat at the cottage for fishing, rowing, or just knocking about. It is one of the most stable boats we offer and will row well with up to three adults on board or a whole fleet of youngsters.”

Bear Mountain - Stoney Lake 16'





This Stoney Lake double-ended skiff is available in plan form from Bear Mountain Boat Shop. She is typical of the skiffs built around Lakefield, Ontario and is a fine looking craft.

Canadian Canoes - Ontario Whitehall 16'




This traditional 16 ‘ Whitehall was inspired by Ron Frenette at Canadian Canoes. Based on some of the classic shapes, it is a wonderful boat for rowing at the cottage with the dog or the kids. There is also a centerboard design for those that want to sail.whitehall


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