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John McEwen



John McEwen is a well-respected metal sculptor who has done a number of marine related works. I have helped in these projects by modeling the surfaces or ribs of the typically Canadian shapes. The work at the left is a bronze canoe in the Canadian Embassy in Berlin and at right “Waterline Canoe” was displayed in the Rideau Canal, Ottawa. Waterline Canoe

Marlene Hilton Moore


Marlene Hilton Moore is a versatile sculptor working in bronze and steel. The sculpture at far right is in Scarbrough, Ontario entitled “Passage” and is a tribute to artist Doris McCarthy. The modeling for the ribs and spine was done in Rhino3D. The 20 foot bronze kayak is a monument to the 125th anniversary of the Great Race, Rothesay, New Brunswick entitled "Kennebeccasis".Marlene kenna

Cirque Du Soleil


Cirque Du Soleil produces wondrous athletic performances using unique custom built props. This ‘ship’ was built in Montreal and the shape modeled to permit the athletes to manoeuvre it on stage during the storm sequence of “Ka” in Las Vegas.CircleModel 

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